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Stephen King Launches Latest Book Online

         Stephen King is the best selling author of horror fiction. He has announced that he will be distributing his latest 66-page book Riding the Bullet solely on the Internet. This book was written during the period of his recuperation from a near-fatal car accident in June last year. Users will simply have to pay a US$2.50 (S$4.20) to download a copy of his book online.

        Why did Stephen King decide to do something like this? After all, he is one author, Iím quite sure, that will definitely not have problems in getting people to pick up a printed copy of his work from bookstores. This is what he said about his decision: "Iím curious to see what sort of response there is and whether or not this is the future".

        Will the online copy of Stephen Kingís book be as well received as the printed version? Well, one can only wait till March 14, 2000 and see - when his book will then be officially launched at


(The above information on the release of Riding the Bullet was taken from The Straits Times - Life! News. Friday, March 10, 2000.)


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