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Computers in Science, Engineering and Mathematics

            Scientists, engineers and mathematicians were some of the earliest users of information technology and their reliance has only grown with the development of high powered desktop workstations.

            Powerful computers are able used to stimulate dynamic processes in science and engineering. Experiments and reactions can be carried out and observed in Chemistry and Physics.

            The use of computers in areas such as the ICU and the CCU in hospitals, show their highly advanced level of sophistication. Physicians use information technology to understand the human body (X-rays) and for diagnosis (scans).

            Satellites are able to relay signals from one point to another, eliminating the need for wires between two locations. They also broadcast TV and Internet signals.

            Topographic images can be created from raw data provided through the use of computers and in attempts to understand earthquakes better, scientists use computers to gather and plot data. The Hubble space telescope that was launched into orbit around the Earth has provided valuable information on astronomy so that they can be processed and analyzed.

            In mathematics, visual representations of mathematical formulas have made it easier to understand the mathematical and physical principles involved.