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I perceive this site to serve many purposes. Firstly, advertising. Disney uses its website to advertise its many products and services through the use of their famous characters, which are easily identified with, by people the world over. Products range from stuff toys to mugs and services such as learning partnerships.

Secondly, entertainment. There are lots of instances that we notice entertainment, especially through the use of animation and graphics. There is the option of audio and video clips, online cards and downloadable activities for children. The many options available not only provide the reader with an interesting experience but also an entertaining one!

Lastly, informational and educational. The thing that really struck me was the fact that there are so many things packed into this website. From newsletters to advice on pregnancy and diet, to personal advice from experts on particular issues and the history of Disney, this website informs and educates in the most fascinating and interesting of ways. 


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