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Case Study: From Print to Screen

Pretend that you work for an organization that specializes in Communications. Your particular area of expertise is Web Design. Your boss has sent you an email with a brief message from himself and an attached document for the National University of Singapore Student Union (NUSSU).


Your boss's message:"Write a proposal that convinces NUSSU that we are the ones for the job! Show 'em we have a unique, workable and exciting plan that they won't dare pass by. Don't blow it!"


The NUSSU's message:"... basically, we want to put out publication for students, The Ridge, up on the web. Because there are so many sophisticated and exciting web sites out there, we can't afford for this project to be a flop. We want something that not only provides the informative and hip content that students have come to expect from The Ridge, but something that goes beyond it to truly 'add value' in electronic form. What's more, we would like this web version of The Ridge to help bring 'life' into this campus - to actually give students a feeling of 'being connected' with the university, with NUSSU and with each other. Nothing gimmicky, please. We are looking for something that is stylish and really works..."

Write a proposal that meets the expectations of both NUSSU and your boss. You should explain how your ideas would "add value" to The Ridge in your web version of it.


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