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Submitted to: Ms. Vernie Oliverio, Chief Editor, NUSSU.

               c.c: Mr. Chan, Executive Director, E-Solutions Communications, Inc.

Submitted by: Tay Li-lin, Executive Designer, E-Solutions Communications, Inc.

Date Submitted: 24th March, 2000.


NUSSU has expressed interest to make accessible its publication, The Ridge, on the World Wide Web.

        With reference to our conversation on 5th March, 2000, the following goals have been identified:

  1. To come up with a web-publication that is unique, workable and stylish; one that will stand out against the extensive and wide variety of existing electronic publications.
  2. To maintain the same informative and hip content that students have come to expect from The Ridge, while adding value in the web environment.
  3. To provide students with a sense of interconnectedness with the university, with NUSSU and with fellow school-mates through the publication, thereby improving the quality of campus life.

        In response to this, I propose ‘e-Ridge: an interactive online publication by NUSSU’.


Our Proposal and its Benefits

Improved Distribution and Readership

        ‘e-Ridge’ will be able to guarantee a larger readership since it will not only reach out to those within campus (as restricted by physical locations), but will be global in outreach. Further, if writers are sufficiently competent, potential employers may locate them through ‘e-Ridge’.

        Having an electronic publication also implies that options can be made to email either the URL or the latest issue itself of ‘e-Ridge’ to NUS students, who in turn, can easily forward it to friends or other student communities. This will also prevent the physical location from being an obstacle to access copies of The Ridge.


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