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On the whole, the site has been "chunked" effectively, with hyperlinks to sub-pages on the front. However, the fact that there are so many hyperlinks also adds to the confusion, as the reader may become overwhelmed!

Generally, each page is rather short in length and does not require excessive scrolling, although some of the later pages do come with lengthy pages, such as the one from 

One commendable thing about this web site is the fact that all its links work and at no time did any 'error' messages appear in my web browser! Also, the links are rather transparent in the sense that they take you to wherever they imply that they are taking you to.

With regard to the types of links used, there is a balance of image maps and graphic buttons, as well as text-based links for one to navigate the site. The 'pop-up' tabs located in the online shopping page indeed makes my shopping experience so much easier, not to mention the options of searching for products by (Disney) characters or by age. A search option provided allows for viewers to get to where they want almost instantaneously without having to plough through layers of pages.

The central feature in each page is the logo located at the top left-hand corner of the page. This allow the user to get back to the main page with ease. Navigational bars are also located on the left side of the page and at the top. The ones at the top also provide a guide as to the viewer's location within the site itself, making it hard for anyone to get lost!


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