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Improved Content                                                          


        Hyperlinking headings to articles provide quick and easy access to areas of interests. Hypertextualizing the text will make the publication more user-friendly, thereby increasing viewership.

        Hyperlinks from other web sites can be made, perhaps through the purchase of advertisement space in related educational institutions’ web sites such as MOE that can redirect students to ‘e-Ridge’ as well. This will increase the outreach of your publication.

        To enhance the existing extensive content and scope of The Ridge, hyperlinks can be made in 'e-Ridge’ to other related external sites or articles, providing greater coverage of the topics in discussion.



        An archive with smart and effective cataloging of related topics or writers across past issues of The Ridge can be established in ‘e-Ridge’, adding again to a more comprehensive coverage. Viewers enjoy visual aids and the smart use of coloured pictures, graphics and colours will enhance the reading experience for your readers.

        With video clips, live interviews and song clips included in ‘e-Ridge’, reading will no longer be mere words but more entertaining as well. This will provide your readers with a live experience on the internet!

        Students like to be in the know and are always on the look out for new events and things to do. With previews of events that are going to happen, whether within campus or outside of it, this will entice them to keep coming back to the site as well. Further, this can also provide publicity and bring in advertisement from sponsors and companies.


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