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Computers in the Home       

            Initially, computers in the home were used simply to duplicate the role of the computer at work or to play games. These roles are changing however. Home computers are now becoming major information tools. Attaching the computer to your phone line enables you to visit other parts of the world and the lines between work, play and education are increasingly becoming more invisible as resources, once available only at work or school are now accessible from home.

            People can gain access to things like sales catalogs (and shop from the comfort of your home) or take part in community activities, search for reference materials and even do home banking.


Computers at Play        

            Personal computers have, for some time, been used to play games. However, the line between education and games is growing thinner. Programs such as ‘The Magic School Bus’ adds fun to the learning process. Others such as flight stimulators also allow the experience of flying and to learn its principles.