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Computers in Education

            Increasingly, computers are being used as teaching tools. With the ability to pace instruction differently for each student according to his/her capabilities. The use of animation (e.g. aesthetically attractive and pleasing graphics, cheery tunes, or a smiley face to reward good work) and interactivity allow for a more fulfilling learning process.

            With even greater advancement in IT, educational software has become a major influence at all levels from elementary schools (the use of multimedia educational programs to teach the kids to explore the web for information) to universities (where text is integrated with computer application). To say that unlimited access to educational resources is a far-fetched idea will be wrong soon.

            The ability to connect students together over the Internet through computers has also opened up fantastic educational opportunities, e.g. distant learning, which is becoming increasingly popular for those who do not have the resources or the time to travel long distances.

            One area in which computers are especially valuable is in the area of educating children with disabilities or special needs. Computersí voice recognition and pacing abilities and its connection to the Internet makes it possible for them to participate in learning experiences from which they may have been excluded previously.