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Computers in the arts

            You might think that this is last place to find computers but here’s a pleasant surprise. Computers play an increasing role in dance, photography, painting and various other arts.

            It is impossible to convey the fluid movements in dance through the use of printed text and drawings. With the use of computers, movements can be brought to life through the use of animation and this can be later analyzed.

            Those interested in paintings can now have access to paintings from museums all over the globe from your home. The experience may not be the same but there is greater access to much that may not have been previously attainable. Experimental artists also make use of computers to test new tools that have appeared on the market.

            In photography, photos can be digitized and then manipulated in numerous ways. It is easy to cut objects or people from one photo and paste them onto another seamlessly. Is a picture then still the faithful witness that we always trusted them to be?