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This site is one that definitely does not make use of Roger Black's theory of the use of black, white and red as primary colours. instead employs a wide range of colours. This use of colours are quite nice, although I must admit that at times, the use of too much colours can also be disturbing and jarring to the eyes.

The use of graphics is also not spared. However, the graphics that have been used in this site do more than just mere decorating. They add a meaning to the page, e.g. to give that special 'Disney magic' feeling to viewers. There is also the use of music to allow viewers to know that the different links are for different purposes and to add to the whole Disney image as well.

Most of the pages are rather attractive, although certain sub-pages - mostly the more informational ones - do end up looking a little cluttered, perhaps due to the fact that there is a a lot of information to be provided. There is however, a logical flow among the components (text, graphics, columns, art etc), making viewing easy on the eyes. There is a good contrast of colours so the text does not fade into the background. In some instances, headings open up to sub-headings through the smart use of tree diagrams!


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