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Cost Advantage and Improved Advertisement                           

        Initial costs of setting up ‘e-Ridge’ may be substantial. However, in the long run, savings can be achieved since printing and other related costs will be saved. It is indeed an investment worth making.

        The provision of advertising space will also be more economical, yet effective; with minimal space, hyperlinks can be made to the respective websites of advertisers or sponsors depending on the interests of readers. Mutual benefit will be achieved by both NUSSU and sponsors for EPAS.

        Having a relatively homogeneous readership of young adults between the ages of 19-24 will mean overlapping interests and tastes and hence greater ease of getting advertisements. With good results of large readership, advertisers may even find it lucrative to invest in ‘e-Ridge’.

        Young people look to attractive discount schemes and free gifts. The provision of online downloadable coupons will be an added incentive for readers.


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